Tuesday, August 7

Daddy, What Are You Doing?

We have a big ol' denim bean bag.  Complete with a big ol' denim "jeans" pocket.

When Peanut was about three weeks old, Hubs decided it would be clever to put our tiny little Peanut in the big ol' jeans pocket and document said cleverness in photos.  

I was a little mortified.

'Cause I was a first time mom and I didn't see the humor in being the slightest bit rambunctious with my three week old baby.

Fast forward to number two and I was asking Hubs to take Little Guy's pictures in the same denim pocket.

That playing with knives thing?

So true. 

And without further ado......


1 comment:

Ms. Kiki said...

I **love** that they both have similar expressions on their faces, like "WHAT is the meaning of this!?" :) Cute!!


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