Thursday, August 9

Never Say Never

Shortly after we were first married, I saw an acquaintance at church with her baby in a sling.

I didn't get it.

They make strollers, I thought.  Better yet, God gave us these wonderful things called arms.

Let's just say, now I get it. Especially when you have a little love that pretty much wants to be held all. the. time.  Makes those other tasks SO much easier--like folding clothes, fixing lunch, vacuuming--you know, living life. 

Plus, it really accentuates those curves, dontcha' think? 

1 comment:

bj said...

Hi, Jackie..your baby is sooo adorable..and, yes, those slings are wonderful. :)

Just wanted to say I did a re-post today, about your delicious Orange Cranberry Muffins. I have made them several times since the first time..we love them every time. :))
Come over to see.....
xo bj
and do you realize your word verif. is ON ? just sayin'...:)


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