Tuesday, April 3

Spring Things

We have been blessed with some nice weather lately.  In the land of rain, rain, and more rain, we have had some WONDERFUL sunny afternoons in the past few days.  Don't get me wrong, we have also had some wet and rainy {miserable} days too, but those sunny breaks every few days have been oh, so, welcome! 

It's still early spring here (read: a tad bit chilly to my taste), but we have had some nice, dry and dare I say it....partly sunny afternoons as well.  They are especially wonderful because the forecast has only predicted rain, so these little dry moments are always a welcome surprise. 

I have also been self admittedly stalking our seven day forecast, anxiously awaiting this weekend's arrival, praying that the forecast doesn't change.  It seems like each year when Easter comes, we get torrential downpours on the day of Easter, but lovely days preceding and succeeding the big day.  It would be such a huge blessing (and treat!) if the forecast will actually come true for us this year. 

So I anxiously await.

I got a new macro lens (I think?) for my {little used as of lately} camera, so I have been trying to play around with it.  I am LOVING the bokeh it provides in the photos.   This lens makes this amateur photographer look like she half way knows what she's doing.  Just compare the smaller depth of field (meaning a more blurry background) this lens provides:



Huge difference, right? 


Plus, can I just share how much I LOVE it when the cherry blossoms are in bloom?  They are so, so pretty!!!  They just scream springtime and all things girly! 

LOVE them!  



A special thanks to Hubs for all the fantabulous pictures of our sweet Peanut....I am having problems bending/squatting down to her level in my delicate condition.  

Although, I did get to sneak this one in after bath time a few nights ago.....



I just love these two.  

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