Tuesday, April 17

1 Down--4,376 to Go

I finished my first sewing project.

Well, it's actually not my first, as I made a pin cushion (with lots of help from my friend) for my Mom's birthday gift in late February. 

This project was, by far, much more complicated than a pin cushion.  Not the best project to "cut my teeth on" (to quote my Mom) in terms of learning how to sew.

But I did it.  I actually did it.

I sewed.

In the interest of full disclosure, my Mom answered lots of questions along the way and she weaved the big ol' piece of elastic through at the end and stitched together said elastic as well as the safety strap.  Oh, and she provided some help with the safety strap holes.

Those were real buggers. 

But I did do everything else.  Including having a wall eyed hissy fit (you'll have to ask Hubs and my sister-in-law about how his family even came to know what one of those is) near the end of the project.

When I made the first attempt at weaving the elastic through the edge, the thread that I used to sew the piece of elastic to the bodkin with BROKE when I had weaved the elastic through about two thirds of the edge.

The instructions didn't call for it, but I chose to cover the elastic toy strap in fabric.  I am just really pleased at  what a finishing touch it adds.  Why, yes, I am a dork like that. 

I cried.


So my Mom took pity on the preggo and finished the elastic weaving. 

It's by no means is perfect, but it will do the job.  We have a shopping cart cover for Peanut, which has been very much used by this germaphobe, but it was a girly shopping cart cover.  And my one complaint about it was that it didn't fit the warehouse size shopping carts (also know as Costco's).  So I decided to make a boy one that fits Costco carts.

And fit it does.  Can you tell I am just plain tickled with myself?

Now on to all my other projects before baby gets here. 


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Anonymous said...

You're the best mama ever, Jackie! Whatta trooper!!


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