Wednesday, April 4

Easter Cake

I used this idea and we made this Easter cake today. Well, actually I used this cake recipe (hopefully it will turn out good--the ratings were about half and half) and I sort of did my own thing as far as the cake went.  

I had some leftover chocolate frosting that I used for the filling and then I made a cream cheese frosting for the outside.  I also used plain {unsweetened} coconut flakes (I figured the rest of the ingredients had enough sugar!) and I did use full on food color for the grass.  I told you I could have a little funA little now, not a lot.  ;)  

We "planted" the jelly beans by poking holes in the cake with a butter knife and inserting the beans inside.  Then we frosted the cake, planted the grass and now a little girl is anxiously awaiting to see the surprise that grows.

I can't wait to see her face in the morning.

Although this cake doesn't really have any spiritual significance of Easter, we will be making Resurrection Rolls for Easter morning.  I think these will have a lot more impact in terms of her understanding why we celebrate Easter. 

I just thought this idea was a fun one! 



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