Sunday, April 22

Baby Progress and Spring Time Fun

I can't believe I am three quarters of the way there.  And considering his big sister was 11 days early, I may be even closer than I think!  Of course, he'll be ready when he's ready, so he'll make his debut on his own time and I am perfectly good with that.  


If things go as planned, we will be getting back possession of our house on Tuesday!  I am so excited!  Just in time for this nesting mama to turn this rental back into a our home. 

And really, who am I kidding

There are a few things I can help with, but I am really at the mercy (and blessing!) of Hubs and my parents and some other wonderful people in our life that have offered their assistance in getting all the projects done.  

In other news, I found this little sand and water table for the Peanut on craigslist.  We had seen them for the last couple of years at Costco and I actually had the thought to try and find a used one first.

photo credit: Costco

This was a big step for me people.  Used toys/baby things are one thing if they are from friends and family....they are something else entirely when these things are purchased from perfect strangers.

But I figured with it being all plastic, it was nothing that a little all purpose cleaner couldn't handle, so I disinfected it immediately upon getting home.  

You think I'm kidding. 

Peanut has a huge fenced yard to play in at her disposal while we are staying here at my parents, but at our little house, not so much.  The backyard at our home?  It's pretty much a postage stamp. 

That said, this was the catalyst to find some outside entertainment for our little girl in our teeny tiny backyard.  Of course, I don't know why I ever thought that the sand and water would stay separate as indicated in the pictures on the box at Costco.

'Cause that's not the was a complete mess in less than 2 seconds. 

But the verdict, despite her mama's OCD tendencies? 

Money well spent.


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Lucy Marie said...

That table looks similar to the one we have for E .. if I remember right. My parents got it for her birthday way back in September and it's still in the box waiting for warmer days. BUT? You just confirmed what I had been contemplating ... it will be a water table on BOTH sides. No mud table for me.


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