Tuesday, September 7

Works For Me Wednesday-Easy Food for a Road Trip

We go on a lot of road trips and gas isn't cheap, so even though we are driving, it can get expensive.  Fast.  One of the ways I help control the cost of our trips is to avoid eating out.  What I would usually do is make sandwiches because they are quick and easy.  But I don't really care for pre-made sandwiches--they don't often keep well, as the bread will get mushy.   Awhile back though, I happened to make pizza the night before we left on a trip.  And we needed something for lunch the following day.  Pizza it was!  Super fast, as I just wrapped it in individual portions that night and it helped not having food spoil in the fridge while we were gone.

Pizza on road trips works for me!  For other great hints, visit We Are THAT Family.  


Lucy Marie said...

Great idea! I need to be better at this. Whenever we go to visit Evan's family, we always stop for fast food both ways ... it gets costly!

Em and Lib said...

great idea - and ince we are gluten free it makes for a doubly good tip!
We leave on Saturday morning...putting pizza on my menu plan now!


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