Thursday, September 30

Special Visit

We had a special visit from Hubby's parents this week.  It isn't too often that we get to see them, as they live several states away.  So it was extra special for Peanut to be able to share some memories with her Daddy's mom and dad. 

We didn't do a whole heck of a lot--at least in terms of "going out and doing something," but regardless, Peanut had lots of fun showing her Grandma and Grandpa how she can put her United States puzzle together all by herself.  (Remember, just two months ago, how I joked that by her next birthday, she'd be able to put the whole puzzle together? Well, she can now--11+ months early no less.  And she can probably name about half the states.  I kid you not.  That's better than some high school seniors.)

We also got to celebrate Peanut's birthday with her Grandpa and Grandma, which for Peanut, opening pwe-nats {presents} is always lots of fun.  

One of the gifts were these darling tutu jammies...

and Peanut didn't have any trouble

hamming it up for the camera.

Such a little show off. 

She also had two new victims adults to read her Bible stories book to her (over. and over. again.).  She calls it her "BibleBook."  I don't remember who gave it to her at one of the baby showers, but she LOVES that book.

She also got to go to the park, even if it was getting a little dark that night (7:30 at night used to look like this just a few short weeks ago).

It isn't quite as dark as the pictures indicate....but it was still pretty dusky.

Peanut had such a grand time getting reacquainted with her other GrandpaGrandma and we are thankful for the time we got to spend with them.  It's just too bad the time between visits are longer than we would like. 

But as I've been learning in the past year since we've moved, we just have to keep looking forward and not spend so much time looking back. 

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Lucy Marie said...

What a special visit. So glad you enjoyed :)


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