Tuesday, September 21

Works For Me Wednesday-The Best Investment We've Ever Made

Although the Peanut is willful, she is a pretty good little girl.  EXCEPT when it came to teeth brushing.  That had become a battle of epic proportions.  But then I found something that changed all of our lives.  I kid you not.  When I was in the oral hygeinge section of WalMart a few weeks ago getting toddler toothpaste, I came across one of these:

It was easily the best $5 we have ever spent.  The Peanut LOVES to brush her teeth now.  As well as her tongue.  

Battery operated toothbrushes work for me!  For other great hints, visit We are THAT Family.

Oh, and while we are on the subject of bedtime, my mom made this darling little bas-robe {bathrobe} for her....

it even has a silk lining.  Too cute, isn't it?  Thanks, again, Mom. 



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