Tuesday, April 20

Works For Me Wednesday--Recipe Binder

I like the appearance of organization.  Appearance.  I truly have the Monica syndrome.

As long as my house looks neat, picked up, and everything is in it's place, I'm good.  But don't look behind my cabinet doors, in my drawers, or in my closet.  I am more of an out of site, out of mind kind of girl.

Shameful, I know.  Drives my poor husband nuts.  Every so often I walk in a room and he's organizing something that he just can't handle anymore.  And I will keep it that way for a while.  I do try.  Sometimes.

But every so often, even I can't handle it anymore.  Like my recipes...I print TONS of recipes from online sites.   And I would fold the sheet in half and shove it in a recipe box.  When it came time to use it...it was a disaster.  Every time.  I went looking for it, couldn't find it, went online and reprinted it and the mess started all. over. again.

So I finally got smart.  I went and bought a three ring binder.  Genius, huh?  Best investment I ever made--well, that and the fentanyl shot.  I dug through my old college days school supplies and found several packs of dividers and my three hole punch and I started punching and organizing.  I even alphabetized.  I know.


Using a three ring binder for recipes printed from online works for me!  

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