Sunday, June 1

SFD and Driver's Ed--Part Deux

A fun little activity we've been blessed with since we've been back home is Sunday Family Dinner.  My mama is blessed with the gift of hospitality and she loves to entertain.  She does it so well too.  So for the past year and a half she hosts (hostesss'?) what we call Sunday Family Dinner or SFD.  It's always the first Sunday of each month and we all go over for some good food and even better fellowship with all my favorite peeps. 

This time of the year is the best because we get to enjoy our time outside....and today turned out to be a beautiful day!  It was a little cloudy this morning, and I was a little hesitant.  But being a native here to these parts, I should know better.  Those clouds usually burn off by after lunch. 

And so they did around 1:00 pm.

After we ate, the kids got to enjoy burning off their endless amounts of energy.   They played on their play structure and played in a tent my dad set up for them in the yard for at least an hour.  You always know it's a winner when they are entertained for that long.  The Peanut even played croquet with some of the adults. Don't know that she really gets it yet, but hey, it was fun for her, right? 

Grandma and Grandpa have blessed my littles with a battery operated kids car and the Little Brother has enjoyed riding shot gun to his favorite girl for several months now.  {That would be Peanut, in case that wasn't obvious!}   He just thinks riding shot gun is a grand ol' time.  

But today?

The gloves were off and he got to try his hand at driving.   With Peanut guiding his every move.  You think I'm kidding.....but that's what big sisters are for, right? 

By my estimation, he should be a great driver by the time he is Peanut's age.   As I look back, it looks like he's got about a 10 month lead on when she started driving.  

I guess that should be expected when you have an older sister to keep up with!


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