Monday, June 9

Pool Time

My crazy kids.

We get over to my parents the other night and my dad had started getting the pool ready.  The big pool, that is.  Not the dog's pool.  He's taken the winter cover off, starting cleaning it, and starting putting water in it.  Once all that is done, then he'll have to get the pH balanced so it's all good to swim in.

Then the weather has to cooperate.  And let me tell you we've really had a GORGEOUS spring, so know that I'm not complaining.  We've definitely had some rain, but lately it seems to be all at once.  We'll get some doozies (read: torrential downpours) over the course of several days and then it clears up and it'll be dry and warm for a week at a time.

This is not typical for the Pacific Northwest.  It's actually quite a bit more common to have 76 rainy days in row.  Of course, it never rains non-stop for that long, but to have 76 days in a row where it rained at some point during each day?  Pretty common.  So this weather we've been having?

So, so nice.  

But not quite warm enough to get that ol' pool warmed up.  We need some HOT days to get it all swimable {yes, I just made that a word} if we hope to get in it prior to the 4th of July.

And while I know my little Peanut is very impatient for that pool to be ready, if our whole summer was this way?

I'd take it. 

In a heart beat.  


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