Friday, May 23

This Girl officially done with preschool.  They had a little "graduation" party for the students today--the last day of school!  And can I just say that I cannot even tell you just how much I have LOVED having her at this school?  Her teachers are such special people and it has been such a blessing.  There are no two ways about it, that's for sure!

I tell you, she is just growing right before my eyes.

It's like a gentleman commented to me at the store the other day.  He complimented me on my cute kids (his words not mine!!) and then he gave me this serious look and said, "But you've made that common parenting mistake."  Well, I was all smiles until he said that.

He continued without missing a beat, "You feed them and then they grow."

Indeed they do.

Indeed they do.  


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