Monday, May 19

Spring Happenings

Spring has been busy!  I just got done with the spring clothes resale, like the one I did last fall.  It has proved to be a profitable endeavor, so I can't see not doing them anytime soon.  Although it seems like it takes forever and a day to get ready for these sales, they are very much worth my time, effort, and cardstock!

Our little Peanut kicked off our beginning of spring with her spring voice recital.  If you are interested in her fair performance at the end of last summer, click here.   She also did a Christmas recital last December as well, but sadly I never posted anything.  Ahem

Anyhow, the spring recital.  

Be still my heart. 

I mean, I know I am full of COMPLETE bias, but she is just a brave little girl!  I hope to be like her someday.

First, the costume.  My amazing mom ROCKED the costume making.  Peanut's voice teacher requires each of the students to wear an outfit/costume that coordinates with their solo.  Peanut's solo was My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music.  I searched online and couldn't find any type of Swiss Miss costume to purchase, so I offered asked my mom to make one.  And she so kindly obliged and the little Peanut was oh. so. darling.

The voice students all sing an opening song together and it was Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast.  Complete with cabaret kick line.  A fabulous opening song performance, I must say!  Then each student does their solo song and they all close in a group song as well.  The closing song for all the students was So Long, Farewell from The Sound of Music.  (Why yes, it was a von Trapp practicing three months in our household!)  Peanut's voice teacher asked her to preform the role of "Gretl," so she had a small solo in the closing song as well.  Made this mama cry.  Of course, that really isn't saying much, but still. It made me cry.  

In other news, I had a good birthday.  I am officially half way through my thirties, which honestly isn't really that big of a deal, but I could do without all those crows feet marching across my face.  Name that movie.  I just have to post this picture, since I am nearly almost always behind the camera and don't get hardly any of me with the little loves.  

We had a great Easter, and while I'd like to say that my sweet girl and sweet boy ALWAYS get along so charmingly and NEVER ever bicker (as exhibited above so deceivingly), can I just say I so wasn't prepared for the bickering and squealing from a nearly six and two year old?!?!??  While I knew that definitely was to come, I just wasn't expecting it so soon!!  And really, for the most part they get along great, but MAN, do they know how to push each others buttons!! 

While they do bicker, the Little Brother still goes along quite a bit with his older sister's antics.  Because on most days, he still thinks she hung the moon.  Here he was told to wear her pink super hero cape as a "hair cutting apron," while she "cut" his hair.  And then she tells him right where to stand as they wave goodbye to Daddy when he leaves for work.

The days are long, but the years are short, right?

We had a fun trip to the local aquarium for one of Peanut's field trips and Peanut got to "pet" the sting rays.  She had a blast, just as she always does on any adventure.

My dear sweet cousin, graduated with her Master's degree last month (she is SO much more motivated than me!) and what was my contribution?  I brought the cutest cupcakes EVER.  Yes, I might need to work on my humility.  But they were the cutest.  Ever.

For my acceptance speech: Pinterest, what did we ever do without you???

And last, many of you may not know this, but apparently in the male DNA in my bloodline, there is a strong affinity to closing one's eyes (purposefully!!) when grinning for the camera.

Who knew?

This is, of course, not to mention that our little son is a Mini Me for my dad.  It's kinda scary.  

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Carla Renée said...

Hi! How's it going? I hope we can meet each other somewhere soon! I liked all the pictures. They were sooo cute! TTYS! Love, Lexi


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