Sunday, January 3

Menu Plan Monday

Somehow last week's menu did not go off as planned at all.  We ate out when family was here, so the pizza got pushed into last week and then with more leftovers than expected, several meals from last week are getting pushed to this week.   All that to say, there are several repeats.  Regular scheduled programing should resume next week.  :)    (Could I fit "week" in any more??!?)

Sunday-French Onion Mac & Cheese, Green Beans

Monday-Roasted Chicken, Broccoli, Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Tuesday- Enchiladas with homemade sauce, Spanish Rice

Wednesday-Chicken & Broccoli Couscous (from this months Rachael Ray magazine-not on the site yet)


Friday-Baked Potato Bar

Saturday-Ham and Spinach Stuffed Baguettes (these are sooo yummy, I'll try to post next week!)

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Lucy Marie said...

Yummy! It sounds so good.


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