Tuesday, December 16

Christmas Performances

The Peanut had her school's Christmas program last week.  It went well and she did great.  Each of the classes does 1-2 songs, starting with the youngest (this being her class--the Kindergarteners) and ending with the 5th grade classes.  Her class's song selections were Go Tell It On the Mountain and O Come All Ye FaithfulO Come All Ye Faithful was wonderful just as expected, but Go Tell It On the Mountain?  Well, it was oh, SO sweet.  It's not a Christmas song you hear a lot--at least not on the radio.  I mean, I grew up knowing the Mahalia Jackson version of the song.  Very few current artists do this song on their Christmas albums.  But Let It Snow?  Excuse my while I roll my eyes. Not only do I REALLY NOT care for this song, but it seems like EVERYONE has sang it. It's just so not my favorite, mmmkay?

ANYHOW, her class's little version of Go Tell It On the Mountain was complete with hand motions (most of which I believe were ASL, but I'm not entirely sure?).  And it. was. precious. So precious that I've had her sing it for me since because it's just that sweet.

I love her little school programs.  But it was kind of a bummer this year because her school program was the same exact night at nearly the same exact time as her voice {lessons} recital.  So we had to choose one.  We thought it was important that she be at her school program with her class, since that was a one time event.  Plus, part of her music grade was based on her attendance at the Christmas program.  Secondly, she still had a chance to preform with her voice lesson comrades this last weekend at a local retirement home.  So we had her do just that.  She sang in the school's program and then she also sang with the other "voice" students this past Saturday night.  Plus, it was good that these last three months of practicing her Christmas solo were not in vain!!

Her solo was great too, despite her bundle of nerves an hour before her program.  I think she's starting to get nervous for these things, which saddens me.  It means that she's starting to feel self conscious, doesn't it?   I mean, wow, the girl wouldn't even eat her dinner before the recital.  That's just not like her!   Anyhow, if you would like to view it, here it is:

In the end, she still got past it and she did a fabulous job once she got up there.  The posing at the end?  All her idea.  The Merry Christmas at the end?  All her idea. 

My little precious Peanut, how did you grow up so fast? 


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