Saturday, November 15

And just like that, the season is over

The season was just eight short weeks and just like that, it's over.  I think the Peanut enjoyed herself playing soccer, but she has some mixed emotions to be sure.  She told me more than once today that she was sad that it was over.  But then when I inferred that she would play again next year, she didn't seem too big on the idea. 

She ended up playing goalie quite a bit throughout the season.  I'd venture to guess probably 85% of the games?  There wasn't hardly any bench time for her and when she was out on the field, she was goalie.  But the thing is, while she did pretty well at it, she didn't like being goalie.  She wanted to be in on the action--part of the fun.  But then today, she got her chance (her first time in several games) to play both offense and defense and she didn't know quite what to do with that.  And in her defense, she didn't have much practice doing playing either position, so what were we expecting really?  I think if she had had more practice in playing those positions, she would definitely have more confidence out on the field.

It really is a bummer too that it was over so fast, because her team really seemed to be finding their groove.  They were really learning to play as a team and passing the ball to teammates to accomplish the goal making efforts as a team--which I think is big for 6-7 year olds!  I'm sure it always seems like that though, right?  Just as the bigger picture is figured out, the season is over. 

They had a pizza party after the game today and they got little certificates for team participation.  Several of the teams from her school went to the same pizza place and one of those teams got trophies for their participation.  I think that the certificates and/or trophies portion was coordinated by the parents of the team and I am glad our team didn't do trophies.  That probably sounds really bad, but this was a soccer league that didn't keep score.  So if they are not keeping score, then there isn't winning or loosing, right?  And to me, trophies indicate that you've won something.  Personally, I am so not in the camp of "not keeping score." 

While I am probably the least competitive person on the planet (according to my husband), I don't think not keeping score is a good idea.  Now, at this age level, it's probably not really that big of a deal.  The purpose of this league is for the kids to learn to play the game and have fun.  And that was definitely accomplished.  But while "score" wasn't kept, most of the kids totally knew which teams won each week.  So whatever "they" were trying to avoid, wasn't really avoided. 

Anyhow, I think Kristen said it very well last spring in this post.  I think in the long run, all these certificates (yes, those too!) and trophies can give today's kids an over inflated sense of self and I think that can be very dangerous, you know?  In the end, loosing can build character and it makes you learn how to do better next time.  Just like in real life, right?  You learn from your mistakes and you move forward and do better next time.  Funny how that works.....? 

There is always room for improvement, am I right? 

But for this time around, I'm glad she had fun (I think she probably enjoys the social interaction the most.....ah, yes, my little social butterfly!) and hopefully when my brother-in-law moves home, he can coach the Peanut and train her and she'll be more confident and want to give it another go next year. 


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