Friday, October 11

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Peanut is currently outside with her daddy and grandpa "helping" with projects and the Little Brother is down for a much needed nap after all the excitement this morning.  I even started a load of dirty clothes from this morning's excursion.  So with this quiet time on my hands, what a perfect chance to blog, am I right?

Peanut's preschool class went to our local pumpkin patch once again and this year, Hub's schedule worked out so he was able to attend too.

Thank goodness, otherwise we would have brought home a mud caked little squealer, otherwise know as the Little Brother.

Fun times.

No, we really had a great time though.  Even though Peanut hardly let me get a good picture of her picking out her pumpkin (or her brother's for that matter). 

The rule was that the preschoolers had to be able to carry their pumpkin back from the patch.  That meant no pumpkin for Little Brother three times his body size had he had his own way.  So rather than try and explain that to his 15 month old little self, we just let his big sister pick his out.  And she was more than willing. Did we expect anything less? 

Our little girl loved every minute and she even got to see her little buddy from last year.  Her friend is actually in the PM class (Peanut is in the AM) so it was a fun little reunion for them as well.  Can you believe how much they've grown? 

And we were TOTALLY blessed because it didn't rain and it wasn't even that cold this morning.  PTL!!!

The Little Brother is still sleeping so I am going to sneak off to do some shopping.  I can't even believe how productive today has already been! 


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