Thursday, October 10

Apple Harvest Time

I so wish I could show you all my beautifully preserved apples in the form of jarred applesauce, apple pie filling and apple butter. 

But sadly I cannot.

I simply haven't had the time.  What with the big consignment sale coming up and having some family in town this week--apple preservation simply hasn't happened.

I have made a killer apple galette though.  Yum, yum.  And my kids?  They hoot and holler and cheer when I slice them up an apple.  Every. time.

So this mama can't really complain.  Eating plain apples and apple galettes it is then

What is too funny and slightly scary is that Little Brother is fiercely independent like his big sister.  I gave him some bits of apple to keep him happy while I was making the aforementioned galette.  But there were tears and pouty lips and all kinds of displeased--and he was quite unhappy too.  Turns out he didn't want the bits of apple.  No, of course not.  He wanted the whole apple. 

And he was pleased as punch once he had the whole apple that he could hardly maneuver. 

Like I said, his independence at fifteen and a half months is just a bit scary. 


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