Monday, September 16

End of Summer

What a difference a day makes. This photo was taken on Saturday. 

Sunny outside {as told from the amount of light streaming in from outside}, tank tops, and short sleeves. 

But then Sunday came and it brought clouds, rain, and some cooler temps. 

All of us even had long pants on.  When I say all of us, I refer to myself, Peanut, and Little Brother. 

Hubs was at work, but he doesn't count either way, because the man will wear shorts approximately 10 months of the year.  And to be perfectly honest, me wearing long pants isn't that momentous of an occasion either.  Because I wear pants approximately 10 months of the year. 

So really, what I should have stated was that the kids were both in long pants on Sunday. 

There.  It took me a hundred some words to say it, but I finally got to the point that the kids were both in pants for the first time in several months.

Such is autumn.

And while I don't enjoy the kids having to be cooped up inside, I am excited for the fall colors, scarves, boots, sweaters, soups, stews, hot chocolate and those fun fall activities.  

Plus, fall TV is about to start. 

And that makes me very excited. 


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