Sunday, July 28

Loving Summer

I simply cannot believe we are over halfway through summer....and we've been blessed by some beautiful weather and been having lots of fun.  I don't want it to end. 

We started Peanut in swimming lessons at the beginning of June.  Unfortunately, these weren't with our favorite instructor, but Peanut still has been having lots of fun.  More importantly, she has been learning a ton and is moving through the swimming levels quickly.  With the aforementioned weather being so agreeable, Peanut also gets lots of practice outside of class in her own private pool--AKA Grandma and Grandpa's. 

What a blessing that has been!

When she is not in the pool at Grandma and Grandpa's, she has been enjoying her new {to her} play structure.  I've mentioned that we have a postage stamp of a backyard in our sweet little house, but fortunately for us, Grandma and Grandpa are just four miles away.  And Peanut (as will Little Brother--as soon as he can keep up!) has quite the list of things to do at G & G's.

The other day I was pushing both little loves on their swings on the play structure and I was thinking about how much I LOVED spending time at my grandparents.  More specifically, my Grandpa's.  (I loved my Granny's house too, but I just had a special connection with my Papa.) 

Anyhow, I loved getting to go over there.  And quite honestly, Grandpa didn't have a whole heck of a lot to do--at least in terms of little kids entertainment/activities.  He had some coloring books and crayons and he always had a cookie jar full of Oreos--in the lower set of cabinets, mind you.   But, really, that was the extent of it.  Oh, and he always let me stay up late and we watched Golden Girls together.  Seriously though--those were some FUN times.  The best.  And at the end of the day, it was fun because it was different and it was out of the norm.  And really?  Grandma's and Grandpa's are just plain fun. 


Now Peanut?  At her G & G's, she has her choice of a swimming pool, her car, a play structure, a gravel pile (that was never intended for a "toy", but because Peanut has spent hours weeks of play creating things in that gravel pile, G & G can't bear to use the gravel for their intended purpose).  Plus, she has lots of toys and a full time playmate {Grandpa--when he's home} and a full time sidekick {Jet}.  Not to mention a cherry tree and blueberry and raspberry bushes for her plucking {eating right off the tree/bush} enjoyment.  

And yeah, Little Brother loves his fruit too.  

No wonder she asks to go over there every. single. day. 

The child has it made. 

Oh, and if that list of things to do wasn't enough, Grandpa had told her she wasn't to play in the sand in the horseshoe pit.  Fair enough, right?  She has LOTS of other things to do at G & G's, so being told "no" for one thing shouldn't be earth shattering, right?  Well, somehow Peanut convinced G & G in her closing argument that she too, needed her own sand pit to play in.  And guess what?  Less than a week a later, she has her own sand "box" as well. 


With Little Brother following in his adored big sister's footsteps, I'd said she has some competition (for the endless entertainment at G & G's) catching up with her very quickly.  And he already has an opinion about things as well as her her constant mauling affection for him, so things are about to get pretty interesting.  But a little sibling rivalry never hurt anyone, right?  Builds character--at least that's what I've heard? 


Tell me I'm right!   

And Mom and Dad.......all kidding aside, thank you for all you do and how you bless my family in innumerable ways.  

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Dede said...

Sounds to me like your kids have some awesome grandparents :)


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