Monday, March 12

A Little R&R

I am not even going to give a bunch of excuses of why I haven't been blogging.

Because I have none, except for the fact that I am lazy.  Isn't that sad?!?!?!?


My little silly attempt like the Pioneer Woman's hotel tours.  :)

Hubs and my birthdays were both last week and we were given a delightful little joint gift of a trip to the beach this past weekend.   What a treat it was!  We haven't been to the coast (at least in our state--because we did get a chance last summer on our little trip to see my in-laws) since probably around 2006 (?) and we definitely haven't had a trip without our Peanut since she was born over three and a half years ago, so we were long overdue!  Plus, with our new little arrival early this summer, this was a great time to sneak in some R&R before the little man's arrival.  'Cause when you breastfeed, you can never be too far away!  At least was the case with our Peanut.   But I digress. 

It was just a nice, nice weekend.  The forecast called for rain and wind at the coast (pretty typical of the Pacific Northwest) but it actually turned out better than expected.  It didn't end up raining at all during the daytime when we were out and about.  BUT, we got the perfect amount of rain storms during both evenings while we cuddled up watching movies with the fireplace roaring.  Isn't that just a nice word picture? 

Did I mention we had a great weekend? 

Because we really, really did. 


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Anonymous said...

Happy for you and looks like you both had a great time!


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