Wednesday, October 6

Pickin' the Punkin

We went to a pumpkin patch today.  Well, sort of.  I thought it was a place to go actually go pick a pumpkin, but "the patch" was a just a big area of pumpkins that had already been picked.

Oh well, I tried, right? 

It was fun nonetheless as they had a petting zoo, a trike track, a fresh produce market (that was fun for me anyway) and those things you stand behind and have your picture taken--what are those called anyway?  

Peanut did actually have fun in the market too--they had little pint sized shopping carts for the little ones.  And wouldn't you know it?....they are Melissa and Doug.  Have I ever mentioned they have the cutest things?

She loved the petting zoo.  Of course all the animals were penned up, but that didn't stop our little girl from puckering up her little lips and saying, "Mmmmwah!" trying to "kiss" all the animals.  In fact, she tried to show her affection to the geese, bunnies, chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, a hog, and her personal favorite, an alpaca.    

She's an equal opportunity affection provider. 

And I was just proud of this picture of the turkey.  The Hubs thinks it's a little disturbing.  It might very well be, but I just like the photographic quality of it with the fence and background not in focus, while the turkey is in focus.  My photography nerdity coming out, I know.

While the Hubs and I were taking each others pictures with the Peanut, a nice lady came up and offered to take a family picture of all of us.  So nice, huh?  Too bad Hubs is looking somewhere else.  He says he isn't, but I keep looking at it and I truly think he's looking somewhere else....his focus is just off somehow.  Oh well, I'll take it either way.  We don't get too many family photo ops. 

The final thing we did was have me Peanut pick out a pumpkin.  I don't think she quite understood picking out a pumpkin, but she thought it was grand fun to hold on to it in during the wagon ride back to pay for it. 

And even though I am learning to love all of the seasons, fall is hands down my favorite. 

How about you? 

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Jackie, Autumn is my favorite too. I already made a double batch of pumpkin bread and am already enjoying cider - a necessity as the evenings have gotten much cooler. Your pics are awesome! Love you guys!


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