Sunday, May 24

Trifecta @ 27 weeks

Apparently, I'm going for another nine pounder

Peanut INSISTED I add their prospective ages.  Ahem. 
In my defense though, I've pretty much stopped gaining weight since I started watching my carbs about 6-8 weeks ago. Just goes to show what those pesky carbs that I love so much do for your body.  Or at least what they do in abundance like I like to enjoy. 


I had my last midwife appointment on Friday and my belly is measuring right on target for the number of weeks I am, so rest assured our little guy hasn't been starving at all.  At least, not like his mama!  When you subside on meals of nearly all proteins and veggies (and some fruits--oh, and cheese, LOTS of cheese), I sure seem to be way hungrier all. the. time.  I know "they" say proteins are supposed to make you seem fuller and sustain you longer, but that just doesn't seem to be the case?  At least not for me.

Anyhow, this one is a very active little guy.  He's busy kicking around as I sit here and type.  I'm trying to savor these moments (the feeling of the baby kick is by far, my very favorite part of pregnancy!), 'cause as far as I'm concerned, this will be our last.  I know I said that last time, but seriously, I am so not getting any younger.  I'm thirty-six, which I know is a "baby" in the "advanced maternal age" scale, but holy smokes, there is a BIG difference in carrying a baby at twenty-nine (our Peanut) and our little guy, now at thirty-six.  BIG difference. HUGE.  Besides, I'm not nearly as righteous as Sarah or Hannah or I can't foresee God having any other surprises either! 

Ha ha ha! 

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