Sunday, May 3

The Gender Reveal

I should fully disclose that my husband was not behind this at all. Don't even get him started on how he thinks it completely narcissistic and the whole idea of "revealing the gender" {in a big way} is ridiculous.  He thinks it is completely self-centered and is purely driven by social media to "one-up" the next person.

Me?  I just thought it was a cute idea. 

Plain and simple.  

It ended up being a partial compromise on my part, because I wanted to be completely surprised and have the ultrasound tech seal it up in an envelope and we could take it to a bakery and have the cake done and be completely surprised.  We may or may not of had a heated discussion about this the morning of. 


But then, he pulled out the "I always give in [to whatever] and I think you should do this for me."  Well, that laid it on pretty thick.   


So we found out the day of the ultrasound and we each told our immediate families right away.  Because I had my heart set on doing a cake, we revealed it to my extended family this afternoon, on our normal day for Sunday Family Dinner.  No special party needed.  Ha!

So drum roll please....................we are having another...........................


Most important though is that from what they can tell, he looks really healthy, with all his measurements being right where they should be.

And to that I say amen!  

And PS......

(Please excuse the cake as it looks a little green here on the good ol' internet.  I even photoshopped it, adding in some more blue and for WHATEVER strange reason, it looks nice and blue on my own personal computer file, but when I upload it, it takes on the green tinge again! Anywho......) 


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