Friday, July 25

Not Already

I knew this day was coming....but I thought I had a couple more months at least.  I mean, she hasn't even started Kindergarten yet.

That said, I should have known it wasn't very far off.  With a super early September birthday, she will be starting Kindergarten just shy of turning six years old--three days shy to be exact.

But I digress.  The little Peanut's first permanent tooth has popped through.

Note, I didn't say she lost her first tooth.  Because she hasn't.  But that permanent one?  Well, it's certainly right there behind it.  

So like any good mom who dabbles (and I use that term very loosely) in photography, I marched her straight outside to capture that fading glimmer of her baby tooth smile.

Be still my heart.  

I was seriously crying the ugly cry while she played outside quietly during her brother's nap.  It's like hard core evidence shoved in my face that she isn't my little, sweet, Peanut anymore.  I mean, she's still my sweet Peanut--my sweet, fiery Peanut to be sure.  But little?

Not as much any more.

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