Sunday, July 6

Happy Fourth!

Our fourth was fun filled with lots of family, friends, and food. Not necessarily in that order.


For reals--we had some awesome weather, even better food, and the best company. 

I learned several years ago when the Peanut was nearly three that if I wanted a special family picture to document any type of occasion, it's best to get it at the start of the event.  Everybody is rested, clean, hair all combed, etc.  Everyone is also typically in the most solid emotional state they will be in that day.  Not that we've ever had any type of temper tantrum.  No, not me us! My family has never done that.   

Sorry, I couldn't seem to find the sarcasm font.  

That said, we got family pictures first thing when we got to my parents.

It was nice enough to go swimming, and these four girls bonded (L-R: my cousin's little girl; my best friend from high school-her little girl; my other cousin's little girl; and of course, our little Peanut) rather quickly and were busy playing with each other ALL day. 

And I do mean, ALL day.

Our little guy had his own activities, including getting into absolutely everything and keeping all said adults on their toes, blowing bubbles, and even having his very first sucker.  They weren't a kiddin' when they say you are always more lax with the second one.  Peanut?  I think she was pushing three and half before I let her have a sucker.  This little boy?  Not even a week into two and he had more than one this weekend.  I know

There was also baseball with some of the kids and dads.  Peanut has been practicing on choking up on the bat correctly with lots of instruction by those who have come before her.  My friend's little boy was so sweet and patient with Peanut.  He's such a good big brother to his own little sister and it's evident in how he treats our Peanut.  So very sweet!

We also had horseshoes, yummy Sangria, and this dessert made by yours truly.  All not pictured, because either a) blogger fail or b) I was having such a good time, I didn't get pictures.  You decide

We had one small kerfuffle with the Peanut, but she bounced back in no less than two minutes.  Because you know, she might miss something. 

At the end of the day, we had a pretty awesome fireworks show (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!) and it was proven once again that boys will be boys.  Not that we ever doubted that. 

Cough, cough--dad, hubs, my uncle-cough, cough. 

Even our boy thoroughly enjoyed the festivities.  So much so that he has asked for fow woks {fireworks} each night since the 4th.  The noise did startle him a bit, so we got out Peanut's ear muffs for him.  Poor kid.  I'm thinking this a great one for the future graduation/wedding slide show?

I even got to play around with the camera and I actually got some pretty good fireworks shots.  Finally, three years and counting and I finally got some worth posting!  Third time's a charm, right?

Last, to close out the evening my dear sweet cousin camped out with the four girls in a tent....and captured this sweet moment of the girls before going to sleep in the tent.  

Blessings abound. 

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