Wednesday, July 23

First HomeTown Parade

I must confess.

While I have lived in my HomeTown for more than 20 years, I have never attended our annual parade. 

I know.  It's a shame isn't it? 

I have however, been to many a parade in my life.  It used to one of the highlights of the year, where my parents dad took me and my sister to the big city parade at the beginning of every summer.  I loved it so very much.

As we were waiting for the parade to start this past weekend, I was talking with my dear, sweet, husband and it turns out he had never even been to a parade prior to Saturday. 

Talk about so un-Amercian!! 

I mean, I just can't even. 

Well, this last Saturday, not only did he get to "attend" a parade, but our family was actually IN the parade.  For both Peanut's preschool and this upcoming Kindergarten year, we have been blessed with the opportunity to be able to send our little Peanut to a small, Christian school.  With it being an independently run school, it comes the requirement for the parents to put in volunteer hours to help with the school's various functions and any maintenance needed throughout the year. 

One of those functions is needing volunteers to represent the school in the Hometown Parade.  How easy is that, right? 

So walk in the parade we did.  Well, I walked.  They rode the "float."  My biggest worry about being able to log on the required hours is that Hubs works such inconsistent hours and with having a little 2 year old at home, it makes figuring out those details a little more difficult.  So when this opportunity was on the list of events where "help" was needed and it involved the whole family, I penciled that our calendar right away! 

Plus, it was such a fun time for the kids--very much a win-win for us! 


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