Thursday, July 10

Another Last

Peanut completed a few swimming classes/levels last summer and this year she has been in swimming lessons since the beginning of June.  Our weather then finally warmed up enough to where we were able to start swimming at my parents just a few days before the Fourth. 

This girl.  My ever cautious girl.  She went in my parents pool for the first time this year wearing her Puddle Jumper, convinced she still needed it. 

Even though she'd been in swimming lessons for a month--in just as deep of water with no life preservation what so ever.  

It was like pulling teeth to have her take it off and I was a little concerned.  See, that is just like me.  I avoid taking risks at all costs--and while I don't want our girl to be foolish, I would like her to go outside her comfort zone.

At least every once in a while.  

Her Daddy finally convinced her to take it off, and well, there has been no looking back.  She's been loving having her arms completely unrestricted.  

Me?  I am so glad she decided to brave the water without it.  But?  It didn't even occur to me that it would be the last time she would ever wear the Puddle Jumper.  Another last has come and gone. 


But of course life moves on at lightning speed and the Puddle Jumper torch has been passed to the little brother.  Each year he has to get reacquainted with the pool.  And each year, after the first two or three times in, he acclimates once again and then he is ALL about the water. 

He has his own "boy" Puddle Jumper now and he thinks he's pretty hot stuff.  Personally, he reminds me of Anne, with puffed sleeves

I still think he's the cutest little boy, but don't tell him I said that.  


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