Sunday, August 11

Fair Memories!

Grandma and Grandpa took the Peanut to the fair this past Friday. This was the second annual trip to the county fair and Peanut had a grand ol' time.  She got to eat lots of greasy fair food, eat ice cream from the dairy women, ride rides to her heart's delight {thank you wristband! and G & G}, and above all, make lots of special memories with her grandparents to look back on.

She also has been in voice lessons since the beginning of the summer.  She is my little singer and since I have NO musical talent whatsoever, I wanted to find someone who could help her in that area and develop and discipline her in a way I most certainly could not.  So this past spring, I came across a voice teacher and within a matter of weeks, she was taking lessons.  A few weeks into lessons, her teacher asked her/us if we would like her to preform on the children's stage at the county fair.  She/we agreed, and fast forward ten weeks later and our girl performed a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah solo on stage today.

Her instructor sat up with her on stage, but after about 30 seconds, she was in her element. 

She did so good.

Oh, course I am not biased at all.  

We couldn't be more proud of our little Peanut.  I admire her confidence......'cause she certainly didn't get that from me.  God bless her little oldest child heart.

After that, she got to pick one ride and the Ferris wheel it was.

That love for adventure absolutely comes from her daddy.

'Cause anymore I can't even handle swinging on the swing on their new play structure

I know.

But sadly, it's true. 


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Lexi said...

Hi Auntie Jackie, how are you and family? I am looking forward to the party! I miss you guys bunches! Talk To You Soon! Love, Alexis


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