Sunday, July 1

We Would Like You to Meet..........

Please welcome our son and Peanut's little brother.....

Saturday, June 30, 2012 
at 5:32 pm
weighing in 9 lbs. 9 oz. 
and measuring 21" long. 

Mommy and baby are doing well.  I apologize this is about a week late--however stay tuned for his birth story--it's a great one.  I will get it posted soon.


Mindy said...

So happy for you guys. Please let me know if you need anything! Glad we got to meet him!

Sarah said...

So glad I got to love on him yesterday!!

Lucy Marie said...

So happy he's here! Can't wait to hear his story.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby boy. Why us moms don't want to bother anyone I don't know.


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